Gyutto Shite Chuu
Gyutto Shite Chuu
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Gyutto Shite Chuu

ぎゅっとしてチュウ ; 相擁後的甜蜜KISS ; Gyutto Shitechuu
Status: Completed
Author: Chiba Kozue
Type: Manga
Views: 93715
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Synopsis Gyutto Shite Chuu

From NagareBoshi: Mai Kojima is a slightly ditzy 16 year old. She’s gotten her first boyfriend! They’ve been dating for 3 months. Even though they should be at their most lovey-dovey, they haven’t been able to make out at all… That’s because her boyfriend Yu-kun is a super exam-taking student aiming for T-University. Every day is an uneasy one without much hugging or kissing. "Come on, I wanna do more lovey-dovey stuff!!"