A Young Man’S Path Of Self-Cultivation
A Young Man’S Path Of Self-Cultivation
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A Young Man’S Path Of Self-Cultivation

Status: Ongoing
Author: Updating
Type: Manga
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Synopsis A Young Man’S Path Of Self-Cultivation

Ye Qian, a foolish boy abandoned by his family, was bullied and despised by his classmates and everyone around him. Unexpectedly, he got awakened and got back his memory as the greatest earthly immortal in the nine realms in his last life. From then on, he changes his life, beats bastard rich second-generation, pays off old scores, and meets different people and various challenges.He grows up and improves himself after going through difficulties and hardships. Someone kind and warm walks into his world; someone cold and vicious breaks into his life; someone lenient and merciful becomes his friend and someone with bad intention becomes his enemy. And someone cute and pretty enters his heart. With the memory and skills he acquired from his last life, he becomes invincible and incredible. In his new life, he will no longer make the same mistake as he did before. Let’s see a fool have fun in school and this world!


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