• A Million Pound Love

    A Million Pound Love

    Genre: Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Psychological,Romance,Sci fi,Tragedy

    SHIMIZU Reiko

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: This is a collection of seven oneshot stories which were already published.

  • A Million Tear Drops

    A Million Tear Drops

    Genre: Drama,Mystery,Romance,Shoujo,Supernatural

    Kazumi Yuana

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Hiromu is a high school boy who has everything he could ever want: a normal life, friends, and a girlfriend. That is until one day Hiromu asks everyon...

  • A Night of a Thousand Dreams

    A Night of a Thousand Dreams

    Genre: Drama,Historical,Psychological,Romance,Shoujo,Shoujo Ai,Tragedy

    HAN Seung Hee,JUN Jin Suk

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Everyone knows about the story of Scheherazade and her wonderful tales of the Arabian nights. For one thousand and one nights, she entertained the mad...

  • A Perfect Day fo Love Letters

    A Perfect Day fo Love Letters


    Latest Chapter


  • A Pocket Full of Holes Forgets Everything

    A Pocket Full of Holes Forgets Everything

    Genre: Comedy,One shot,Romance

    SOMEYA Minoru

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: When a forgetful man forgets everything, will he lose everything in the end?

  • A Prince Needs a Princess

    A Prince Needs a Princess

    Genre: Drama,Josei,Romance

    Barbara Mcmahon,KISHIDA Reiko

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Clarissa is on a mission. The Kingdom of Marik needs a prince, and it's Clarissa's job to see that Jack Brown takes on his rightful position--even if...

  • A Princess and a Bum

    A Princess and a Bum

    Genre: Comedy,Gender Bender,Romance,Shoujo

    Kim Hee Kyoung

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Who am I? I’m Gi-ryum, a tall, handsome bachelor, and the coolest guy in the country who even makes O△ sama (Reference to “Yon-sama”: Bae, Yon-Jun fro...

  • A Revolutionist in the Afternoon

    A Revolutionist in the Afternoon

    Genre: Adult,Drama,Fantasy,Historical,Psychological,Tragedy


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Another short story collection from Jirô Matsumoto.Contains 5 stories:A Revolutionist in the AfternoonA Revolutionist in the Afternoon 2 (not a sequel...

  • A Rose Colored Tomorrow

    A Rose Colored Tomorrow

    Genre: Drama,Romance,Shoujo,Slice of Life

    IKUEMI Ryou

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: • I Can Hear the Ghostly Drum-BeatingThe first guy Rika ever falls for turns out to be her older sister's fiancé. However, her sister's dream since sh...

  • A Sex Therapist

    A Sex Therapist

    Genre: Comedy,Mature,Psychological,Smut,Supernatural,Yaoi

    KODAKA Kazuma

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: 1) Sex TherapistHoping to make an arrest, detective Ryouichi Ohnuki decides to investigate Kain, but gets distracted with thoughts of his straitlaced...

  • A Silent Greeting

    A Silent Greeting

    Genre: Drama,Historical,Manhwa,One shot

    Kim Young Hee

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: A woman awaits the return of the man she loves from a war in ancient Greece.

  • A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

    A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

    Genre: Comedy,Manhwa,Psychological,Slice of Life

    Park Dongsun

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Have you ever wondered why Koreans ask you about your blood type? It’s not because they want to know what to do in case you happen to be in an acciden...

  • A Small Sheep Dreams

    A Small Sheep Dreams

    Genre: Josei,Romance,School Life,Shoujo

    Iketani Rikako

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Four years ago, Yuki's mother remarried to a man 7 years her junior, but due to mounting financial issues, her mother decides to divorce him and moves...

  • A Spirit of the Sun

    A Spirit of the Sun


    Latest Chapter


  • A Tackle On My Life

    A Tackle On My Life

    Genre: Action,Comedy,Manhwa,Romance,School Life,Shoujo

    Hwang Mi Ri

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Han Ga-Ram will even outwit the swindler gangs. Everything is solved when she transforms back into her unpopular highschool girl moments... Who would...

  • A Thousand Petals

    A Thousand Petals

    Genre: Adventure,Fantasy,Romance,Shoujo


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: N/A

  • A Thousand Years Ninetails

    A Thousand Years Ninetails

    Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Historical,Manhwa,Shounen


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: In a city that is neither small nor big, there's a mountain that people avoid. The undeveloped mountain isn't protected with a green belt nor is it a...

  • A Young Girls Dream

    A Young Girls Dream

    Genre: Romance


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: A girl wakes up in a foreign world after an drowning accident and is suspected to be the 'dragon priestess'.

  • A+B


    Genre: Action,Fantasy,Shoujo,Supernatural

    Abeno Chako

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: A "battle fantasy" involving university students battling "angels" to save mankind.

  • A-bout!


    Genre: Action,Comedy,School Life,Shounen


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Mitsumine High School is known as the school with the most juvenile delinquents in the country. The students are so violent that even the teachers are...

  • A-kun (17) no Sensou

    A-kun (17) no Sensou

    Genre: Drama,Romance,School Life,Seinen,Slice of Life

    Takeba Kumiko

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Onodera Goushi is a high-schooler who isn't much noticed in other people's daily life. In a sense, his life feels like it would be the same if he wasn...

  • Aa!! Bishamon Koukou

    Aa!! Bishamon Koukou

    Genre: Shounen,Sports


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: n/a

  • AAA


    Genre: Comedy,Romance,School Life,Shoujo

    FUKUSHIMA Haruka

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Ogata Aoi is in her 2nd year of middle school and is the president of the student council. The middle school she attends is one of the best in the cou...

  • Abara


    Genre: Action,Manga,Sci fi,Seinen

    Nihei Tsutomu

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: When a creature attacks the city, a man with strange powers reluctantly stands to fight... but a shadowy government organization has unfinished busine...

  • Abarenbou Kareshi

    Abarenbou Kareshi

    Genre: Comedy,School Life,Yaoi


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: 1) Rough ♥ Boyfriend (first part)

  • Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai

    Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai

    Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Ecchi,Fantasy,Seinen

    Akahori Satoru

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Sasshi's world is in disarray. His best gal pal, Arumi, is about to move away, and his Osaka neighborhood is being demolished in the name of urban ren...

  • Abide in the Wind

    Abide in the Wind

    Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Manhwa,Romance

    Shin Weol

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: One day, there began the story of a girl who faces the last dragon on Earth.

  • Ability


    Genre: Action,Adventure,Shounen,Supernatural

    Lee Gwang Su,Son Jae ho

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: I thought I just had a convenient ability...until that happened...Noblesse's authors, Son Jea-Ho and Lee Gwang-Su's new smarttoon!

  • Ability Shop

    Ability Shop

    Genre: Fantasy,Mystery,One shot,Romance,Tragedy

    TASHIRO Tetsuya

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Toshiki is a below average student and often the target of ridicule. After he accidentally runs into a shop sign and breaks it, he enters the shop and...

  • Abiru Junjou

    Abiru Junjou

    Genre: Drama,Romance,School Life,Yaoi

    Ougi Yuzuha

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: First-year high school student Yuka happens to see his amazingly handsome neighbor kissing another man. However, he learns that the handsome neighbor...

  • Able


    Genre: Action,Seinen

    ITOU Akihiro

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Arizona State, Cameron - 1:23 P.M. While two men meet, a gunfight suddenly happens between them. One of them stays alive, then leaves. A woman breaks...

  • Abnormal-kei Joshi

    Abnormal-kei Joshi

    Genre: Psychological,Romance,School Life,Seinen

    Sanada Eleven

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: High schooler Shiina Shinya thinks that all girls are pretty much good-for-nothing, mostly because he doesn't understand them at all. That doesn't sto...

  • Absolute Boyfriend

    Absolute Boyfriend

    Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance,School Life,Sci fi,Shoujo,Tragedy

    Watase Yuu

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Rejected by way too many good-looking (and unattainable) guys, Riiko Izawa goes online and signs up for a free trial of a mysterious Nightly Lover "fi...

  • Absolute Duo

    Absolute Duo

    Genre: Action,Ecchi,Harem,Romance,School Life

    HIIRAGIBOSHI Takumi,NARIIE Shinichirou

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: After losing a loved one, Tooru Konoe enrolls at Kouryou Academy so as to gain a , a weapon that is his soul made manifest, for the sake of revenge. H...

  • Absolute Witch

    Absolute Witch

    Genre: Adventure,Fantasy,Historical,Romance,Shoujo

    Kim Tae Yeon

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Skyla is a young witch in a world where witches no longer exist. On her way to meet her husband she is picked up by an easily bored old woman and her...

  • Absorb: Ability

    Absorb: Ability

    Genre: Comedy,Josei,Supernatural

    YONEYAMA Setsuko

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Japan wields the power of a new form of influenza so lethal that only one person out of a million can survive an infection. Kazuma, a man able to with...

  • Abunai Koto Shite Mitai

    Abunai Koto Shite Mitai

    Genre: One shot,Romance,Shoujo,Smut

    AKIGAWA Keiko,HIGANO Kotoko,KASAKI Takao,MIYADA Mutsumi,MORI Chiyono,SAWARA Cashy,SHIOTA Michiko,YAMAGATA Kanan

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: 1) Secret Affair After 5 by Kasaki Takao2) In a Dangerous Spot by Akigawa Keiko3) Secret Lover by Mori Chiyono4) Grant My Wish by Yamagata Kanan5) Enc...

  • Accel World

    Accel World

    Genre: Action,Drama,Manga,Romance,School Life,Shounen


    Latest Chapter

    Summary: No matter what age it is, the "Bullied Child" will never disappear. The overweight, Middle School student, Haruyuki, was one such kid. The only time h...

  • Accel World / Dural - Magisa Garden

    Accel World / Dural - Magisa Garden

    Genre: Action,Comedy,Ecchi,School Life,Sci fi,Shounen

    KAWAHARA Reki,Sasakura Ayato

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: Chigira Chiaki loved the tales of Kuroyukihime and Black Lotus her beloved elder brother told her about.Returning to Japan after a long stay in Americ...

  • Accel World 4Koma

    Accel World 4Koma

    Genre: Shounen

    AKARI Ryuryuu,KAWAHARA Reki

    Latest Chapter

    Summary: The accompanying 4koma for Accel World.