Kagamigami Rank #10


Status: Dropped Type: Manga Rank: 10 Total Views: 719

Artist: Iwashiro ToshiakiAuthor: Iwashiro ToshiakiReleased: 2015

Other Name:

カガミガミ, Kagami Gami

Rating: Average 5.00 / 5 out of 1 total votes.


The new series by the author of Psyren:

A serial killer is on the loose and authorities are baffled! What they do not know is that this case requires non-traditional research methods. That's where Mako Miyoshi the detective and Kyosuke Kagami the Shikigami user enter the picture. Together they investigate supernatural crimes!

Chapter List

# Series and Chapter Upload Date
1 Kagamigami Chapter 06 - Joining up! 1 year ago
2 Kagamigami Chapter 05 - Shopping Mall Fight 1 year ago
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